Best approach for moving articles (word) from sharepoint to another system?

Hi All,

We have 1000 word document in sharepoint site and would like to move them to another system but we have put each of the articles in one consistent template. All the articles are word document. Information in each articles needs to be taken and put in the template (word) in underneath specific header then upload to another system.

Whats the best approach to this?

Any Help would be great.

@Birdi You will need to provide some sample data to get help on your question. To manipulate word documents in UiPath you can use, but without samples it will be hard for anyone to suggest an approach.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

@Arber_Dervishi I uploaded the Zip Folder, Which contains article with test data and template that data needs to go. Article Test files is the article in the sharepoint and Template has overview and Details section. Section from Article Overview will need to go underneath overview and Resolution will go underneath Details section.Articles-Test (32.2 KB)