Best Approach for manipulation?

I have a many text files in a Project folder in shared path to manipulate.
Should i copy Project folder from shared path and move to temp location and then do all the file data manipulation?
Or should i edit/manipulate in shared path itself?
{shared path is network drive}
Project folder size is 600Mb+ upto 1gb

The decision to copy the Project folder from the shared path to a temporary location or manipulate the files directly in the shared path depends on various factors. Here are some considerations to help you make a decision:

  1. Network Performance: If the network performance is slow or unreliable, copying the Project folder to a temporary location could be beneficial. Working with the files locally will likely provide faster access and reduce the chances of network interruptions affecting your work.
  2. File Locking: Some network file systems may have file locking mechanisms that prevent multiple users from modifying the same file simultaneously. If file locking is a concern in your environment, copying the Project folder to a temporary location would allow you to work independently without interfering with other users.
  3. Security and Permissions: Consider the security and permissions associated with the shared path. If you have the necessary permissions to edit and manipulate files in the shared path, and there are no security concerns, you may choose to work directly in the shared path. However, if there are restrictions or concerns about inadvertently modifying or deleting files, copying the Project folder to a temporary location provides an added layer of safety.
  4. Backup and Version Control: If the files in the Project folder are critical and need to be backed up or tracked for version control, manipulating them directly in the shared path might be a better option. This ensures that any changes are immediately reflected in the centralized location, simplifying backup and version control processes.

Fully agreed to what @raja.arslankhan posted. In addition, and only based on my personal experience, when working with files on shared drives there’s always a chance that the connection might drop even just for a moment, causing your process to fail. This can happen randomly, and sometimes it can be really tricky to manage. On the other hand, the same thing might happen when copying the files to a local folder. In both cases, error management is key, so make sure that your process is bullet proof regardless of whatever solution you’ll choose.