Benifit of using orchestrator queues

What is the benefit of using UiPath Orchestrator queues?
a. Ability to change the number of retries at the queue level after queue creation
b. Ability to monitor the status of the Queue Items
c. Ensures each queue is only processed by one robot, by default
d. Enables multiple robots to process the same Queue Item at the same time


Although this is a terrible question, the answer they’re looking for is B.

A is also correct, because you can do that - which makes it a pretty bad test question.

The practice test has a lot of badly formed questions.

Hi @gr82testing

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Hi @gr82testing

Option B
Explanation: This benefit allows you to keep track of the progress and status of individual items within a queue. You can easily see which items have been processed, which are pending, and which have encountered errors, enabling efficient tracking and management of your automation processes.

Hope you understand!!

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as per UiPath Orchestrator, Option D is the answer. Pls guide me


Option B is the answer. Queues are mainly created and used so that you will be knowing the status of the workflow.
When transsction is added it will be New, when it starts processing the transaction it will be In Progress, if it’s completed transaction it will be succcessful.

I don’t think option D is an suitable answer for this because how can multiple robots process the same queue item.
Hope you understand!!

Hi @gr82testing

Option B is the correct one.

=> Queues are created in Orchestrator when we are creating we can give the max retry count but we cannot change after the creation of queues. So Option A is incorrect.

=> we can monitor the status of the queue items in queue tab in Orchestrator. When upload to queue it is in new state. When run by bot it is in process state. If it is success it is in success state, if any exception is occured it will be in retry state. So Option B is Correct one.

=> We can manage the queues by processing with multiple robots. So Option C is incorrect.

=> Multiple robots can process the same queues but not same queue item. One Queue contains the multiple queue items in it. Option D is incorrect

Hope it helps!!

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yes now I understand and Thanks, @mkankatala

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Hi @postwick and @gr82testing,

I agree with @postwick here.

This question is clearly outdated. In the latest stable version of Orchestrator even option A is a valid answer.

You can change the max number of retries after the creation of the queue unlike older versions where one could not change this from the queue settings.

So as per today both A and B are valid answers.

Take this into consideration when you get a similar question. I do not remember the test version and its syllabus, do check the version in the syllabus and review the release notes of newer versions to be prepared for updated set of questions related to this topic.

Good luck !

Yes @jeevith

I am also obey with @postwick
In the Latest update the UiPath Orchestrator, we can edit the already created queues and update the max of retries.

But I think the question is based on older version only. That’s why I recommended to take the Option B as the correct one.

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