Benefits of running Orchestrator on Azure

Hey guys.

My RPA project consists of a robot that everyday at 8am my orchestrator triggers it look at an email inbox, get the excel files from it, convert them to PDF, send them to new people and log them on sharepoint by date. That’s it.

I’ve been reading about the Azure Orchestrator App and so far i can’t see what are the benefits of using it, specially because i dont have much knowledge about it. Whats the point of having orchestrator deployed there? I will still have to leave a computer turned on with excel/outlook/UIRobot installed to run the process, right? So what kinds of benefits would my company get from using it? Would i be able to run the whole process as a Service on a server, then?
I’ve read a few articles about it but they are usually very technical and i can’t really understand the tangible benefits of using it.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @teamdsi,
You don’t see the benefit as it’s marginal in your case and usage. Instead of this imagine the environment where you have all computers based on VMs in cloud which are streamed to the terminals for users. In that case you have all computers in the cloud and you can perform tasks and jobs from Orchestrator (Azure) on those machines without having any local computer turned on.

Thank you for replying me. @Pablito

My company already uses azure to centralize all of their services and that’s why i think they want me to put uipath there as well. I thought about putting the studio and robot in a VM and leave orchestrator out since its really just going to be one robot running in one single VM so i really can’t see the point of putting orchestrator as well.
Also im planning on adding some OCR features on my robot, doesnt it get scuffed if its ran on a VM?

First of all there is possibility to configure Orchestrator in a cluster (multi-node environment) and you can deploy as many robots as you wish (depends on license). So in that way Azure deployment is more reliable. Additionally having it in cloud gives you opportunity to manage the robots from everywhere in the world through internet and you are not occupying your local resources. In the future more IT existence will be deployed in the cloud. For example Microsoft is pushing it’s Active Directory and GPO management into cloud :wink:

Back to your question. VM is no difference against physical machine. It’s just the different data deployment type so you shouldn’t have problems with OCR if it’s working on your physical machine. You just need to use robot with the same manner.


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