Benefits of Orchestrator API

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I have one question for you all. Please explain me what are benefits use of Orchestrator api.

We can do any task manually using orchestrator service. So, why we need orchestrator api for the same?

Please give me a brief description.

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There are cases that can be more easily solved using the API, including:

  • Integrating other systems with Orchestrator: Thanks to the API, it is possible to make requests from other systems and interact Orchestrator. For example, after receiving a customer inquiry on a helpdesk system, you might want to add data about that inquiry to a Queue and then start a Job that will help solve the customer problem.
  • Automating Orchestrator operations: It only takes a few seconds to add a new Asset or a new User to Orchestrator via the interface, but this can become a long time if there are hundreds or thousands of Assets/Users. Instead of doing it manually, you can create a script (or do it via workflows, like Orchestrator Manager) to add/edit/delete a large number of entities via API requests.

So, yes, as a human doing a small amount of operations, the web interface is certainly enough. But in case of more advanced scenarios or larger deployments, the API can be very useful.

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So, as per you using orchestrator api we can do faster compare than using interface.

Is is only one benefit or there are a lots of benefit? If yes, please list out what are those points.