Hi guys I am beginner in RPA so stared with Uipath for practice. As I have created my 1st script to scrap all the data related to iphone from an ecommerce site and write it in csv file it runs correctly 1st time but on 2nd time it write some unrealistic data in csv i.e not related to iphone. I want to know is it due to community edition or something else

Hi there @Mrinal,
Firstly, congratulations on creating your first Uipath project!

Onto your issue, it is likely not an issue with Community Edition.

Is it always the second run-through that produces these inaccurate values?

Also, could you provide a little more information on the process:

  • Is it designed to it run-through multiple times, but persistently fails on iteration 2
  • If not, do you mean the process ends, you restart and then this issue occurs?

As a final note, would you be able to share your workflow, so I can assess :slight_smile:

Thanks once again,

Sorry as I am new in forum so not bale yo upload the axml file. I mean yo say process has end and I want to execute same flow next time then it is not working

this is very useful for you.