Before last url is opened, ACME logs out and workflow crashes

While trying to get text from last dataitem, the ACME logs out and my workflow fails.As its not able to form the array. (995.2 KB)

As can be seen from logs, last URL was formed and when openbrowser was performed ACME logsout and hence the formation of hash-key fails.

Please help in resolving this.
Also what is the difference between open browser and attach browser.

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Hi @Shv2145

Kindly check with the array index defined while trying to form the hash code
And the difference between attach browser and open browser in a simple way is
In open browser we will be passing the URL as input and can change the type of browsers we need
While in attach browser we wont pass any url rathe we will be using them to identify elements and make the bot identify the elements within a browser…

Kindly check the array index defined in your workflow
Cheers @Shv2145


The array index was starting from 0. Make sure you’ve used the index properly. This error will occur only when we try to access the index with less than or more than the array of index.

*Open Browser" will a new browser with our specific URL. And the Attach Browser us used for attach the already opened web page(it will make your Selector as partial selectors).

Michael Udhaya

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks for quick response.

But the same logic worked for first two rows in data table only when I try to open the last, Acme app logs out and click text fails to fetch data.Because of which it says index out of range.

It’s being caused as acme logs out.

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Buddy if possible can i have a screenshot of that assign activity where these array index is mentioned. @Shv2145

Thank you @Palaniyappan

Yes, it was issue with array index.

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Fantastic buddy
If this gets resolved Kindly close this topic with right comment marked solution that could help others looking for ideas under your topic
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I have marked the solution. Where can I close the topic.

It will get closed after 3 days after the last reply when the topic is marked with solution buddy
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Thanks @Palaniyappan

No worries
Cheers buddy @Shv2145

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