Before coping the file need to check in db for duplicates

How to copy files from one folder to another folder. Before copying need to check the file name which is present in sql db. If, the file name is already present in the db need not copy that file to another folder.

Please Help me on this

Thanks in advance.

First connect to db and query. Save results as datatable/list/enumerable/whatever you prefer.

Read files in folder using Directory.GetFiles in an assign activity.

Use an If activity to compare the files to the db. If true, copy files. If false, do nothing

Hi dave, thanks for your response
I already did this scenario but, still I can’t solve it

Hey @Krupa_P2,

As @Dave explained you can compare both the object one from the sql and second from the list of files, it should resolve your issue, however unfortunately you still facing the issue, so could you please explain what kind of issue you are still facing