Become Tenant option is not Enabling




Though I have enabled Tenant.Registration.Enabled is set to true in my web.config file , Become a Tenant is not enabling in mr orchestrator

UiPath Orchestrator: Become a tenant does not exist
What is tenant name why we have to provide?

I had the same issue with 2018.1. I submitted a ticket and this is the response I received from support (note, I reset IIS on the server after following the instructions below). Hope it helps.

I would request you to login to Orchestrator with the below credentials, this is the admin user to manage tenant.

Below is the default credentials:
Tenant Name: Host
User: admin
pwd: 3edcVFR$

Once you are logged in -> Go to Right Hand Side top Corner -> Click on the user -> Settings -> Application -> And then “Enable tenant Registration”

Note:- There is some issue with enabling tenant registration from the web.config file. I will escalate this to my dev team and in the meanwhile please use the workaround mentioned above.

**Become a tenant** option not available in local server UIPATH orchestrator login page
Tenant Creation Issue

Hi Thanks for the reply, I have followed the instructions and it worked. Thanks


Thanks a lot for the post. it solved my two days worth of looking. Once again thank you!


Hello Everyone,
I have the same issue but when I try to login to that tenant with that credentials (or any other credential), it fails.
My version was upgraded from the 2017 one.
Any ideas?



We have installed Orchestrator 2018.2.4, but haven’t been able to create a tenant.

We have edited the config file to enable the multi tenancy but still not able to to view the Become a Tenant option on login.

Note : we have tried the login for default login as Host using admin credentials as below, but not been able to login.
Tenant : Host
Useraname : admin
password : 3edcVFR$

Thanks in advance!!!