Become a Tenant option not available on UiPath orchestrator login page

Hi I have the community edition (2019.6.0) of UiPath installed. But when I go to I do not see the option to become a tenant for the community edition. Am I doing something wrong or is that feature not available in the free community edition of UiPath? Kindly clarify.


might be the same issue as mine. if I’m correct, plz push solution button.


Hi @ronsahota

Community orchestrator has a new home now. It’s now in cloud. So once you get to the mentioned url, it actually redirects to the cloud platform login screen. Here you can use the email and the password to login to the cloud platform. What email should I use? When you initially configured the orchestrator you gave an email address for the user. Use that email and the password. Used it but not logging in? Use the reset password option to set it. It will work. :slight_smile:

Once logged in go to the services page. There you will find your orchestrator tenant instance. Click on it and you will be in your orchestrator :slight_smile:

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Hi Buddy @ronsahota

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Kindly have a view on this, hope this could help you solve this for sure


I was able to resolve the issue this way:

Log into and then go to Services tab and there I was able to find the Tenant name. Clicking on that link directed me to the tenant in the cloud.

Thanks everyone for your input much appreciated.

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