BC30311 error

Hello all,
I’m trying to rename multiple workbooks sheet names, I used invoke VBA activity but it’s throwing me the error.
First I used assign activity with Directory.GetFiles(“”) path as I have multiple files and the array string type.

Next I used Invoke VBA acitivity in excel application scope and it’s throwing me an error as BC30311.
How to overcome this. Pls help


To overcome the BC30311 error in UiPath’s Invoke VBA activity, ensure that you have the correct VBA code within the activity and that it’s properly formatted and syntactically correct in a single line. Check for any missing references or syntax errors in your VBA code.


We would need a more details about what was done

Directory.GetFiled(…) will return a string array
You can check that the receiving Variable is configured to the right DataType

Sharing the screenshot

it looks like you have assigned a String to the EAS Workbook path, which is expecting a single path and therefore a string.

When the intentions is about to loop over all files from the array, then give a try at

  • For each Activity | item in inputFiles
    • EAS | Workbook path: item
      • Your other modellings