Basics of Uipath

Hi, I´m just at the beginning, I have to respond this questions quickly and Google didn´t gave the answer that I ´m looking for. Can you help me?
What is the first thing you check when an automated process unexpectedly stops working?

To define the development time of a functionality, what would you mainly base yourself on to analyze the process?

What wildcards are used in Uipath to complete selectors that are dynamic?

If we want to know if a UI element is available on the screen or not, what activity should we use?

Hello @Jhonhernandez300,

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I would look at the execution logs to identify any errors. If the robot faults from Orchestrator I would check if the robot machine is correctly connected to the Orchestrator, check the user account being used, also if the license is applied; also if there are any additional popups hindering the bot’s interaction.

The complexity of the process, the interface being used, any variable components in play and the skillset of the resource assigned as a developer.

You would welcome the tutorial available on the UiPath Academy, the training are available for free.

There are 2 characters being used as wildcards:

  • Asterisk (*) – replaces zero or more characters
  • Question mark (?) – replaces a single character
    Check out the documentation: Selectors with Wildcards

Depending on the type of element you could use Element exists or Image exists

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