Basic Question- Help Needed

I have a very basic question. While practicing the for each loop, I found a solution is provided. I have downloaded the solution, but have no idea how to view it in the studio. Could someone please guide?

Hi @koppikaranjali and welcome to the forums!

I understand you downloaded a “.xaml” file?

If it is a .Xaml file, you should be able to open it in Studio just by double clicking it.

Nevertheless, if your activities appear like this, try to create a new Project, and drop the .Xaml file on it! :


1- Create a new project:

2- Find the Folder created by UiPath, and drop the downloaded Xaml file on it:


After that step, try to double click on it again, and it should load the activities!

Hope it helps!


Many thanks for your reply. The .xaml file actually took a lot of time to open up, so I thought its not the correct way to open. But, as you suggested, I let it take its own time to open, and finally it opened. Thanks.

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