Basic manage package error


I created a new project in studio. However, an error is reported in the basic management package after creation

I tried to update these four management packs. But it still reports an error and cannot be updated. I want to know why

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Are we trying to install the NUPKG which is published to local system?


Sorry, it seems that I didn’t do what you said. Can you elaborate on how to operate it? I don’t quite understand it :sweat_smile:
What does NUPKG mean?I don’t get it.


If we publish the libraries to our local system (Not to Orchestrator). The file is published to local as a .NUPKG…

If we wants to install this package we need to do the following things…


1: Navigate to the Settings
2: Click on + Icon
3: Give the package name(Any)-This will display like MarketPlace on the left side
4: Provide the entire folder source (Not the NUPKG file)
5: Click on Add button
6: Click on save

Now you can see the name which we provided at 3 point

Now install the package…

You can see the library


If the error still persists, you may also try this alternative as well.

Changed the package versions manually in the project.json file and reopen the project.

Helo @xuexu.dong

Is this a new process that you going to create or you have already added some dependent nupkg??


Check with your network/security team. The URL is probably being blocked.