Basic example of how to trigger API with html

I am just starting to use the Orchestrator API. As a POC I build an automation using web services in studio. I am now trying to take what I learned there and am trying to make a simple API call from a html page. Does anybody have an example project that I can look at to better understand how this is done? For example if I wanted to use this Type Post:
“HTTPS://*****/odata/jobs/UiPath.server.configuration.odata.startjobs?api_key=” and say my automation key was 12345678910 how would I do that in html or html and Java ect?

I have been trying to find good examples but not sure why I am not finding very well worded or just working examples. Any tips on what to search for to figure this out would be helpful as well.

Having a GET and POST example would be great. I have done API/WebService stuff in the past but the software/pages I was working with had example code, which sadly I no longer have access to.