Basic Authentication Disabled For User While Signing Up

How to resolve the Error " Basic authentication has been disabled for this user", received while signing up using Username-Password for UiPath Cloud services such as Platform or Automation Hub?

Authentication for Automation Cloud is performed via Auth0, enabling to create the required organization using basic authentication (any email address and password) or Microsoft, Google, or LinkedIn account. The entered credentials are never stored in Automation Cloud.

The issue regarding the inability of an account to be created using basic authentication occurs, if one has used SSO(Google/Microsoft/LinkedIn login) before for the same account for any of the Cloud services.

Hence, at any given point user can be registered with one of mechanism above. If the email is already registered with Microsoft, it will not allow to reuse the basic authentication as per security measures.

If Basic authentication needs to be used - Delete the existing account entirely which means all the data associated with that email id until now, would be cleared and then a fresh start can be made.

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