Based on two conditions it has to write values on A cell

if the value starts with D then it has to write snapdeal on the A cell under the platform… in else condition it has to write olx on the A cell like what ever the value will come.

one more thing to mention B cell values can extend

attached pics for reference
excel 2 doubt
excel 2 pt2 doubt

Read the excel into datatable then do a for each row of the datatable.
If row(“id”).ToString.ToLowerInvariant.Substring(0,1) = “d” Then
assign row(“Platform”) = “snapdeal”
assign row(“Platform”) = “olx”

After all rows has been processed write the datatable to excel by using write range

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for each row

if – row(“id”).tostring.tolower.startswith(“d”)

then – assign - row(“platform”)= “snapdeal”
else – assign- row(“platform”)= “olx”

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Hello @sathish_Kumar6,

Read the excel contents into a datatable.

For Each Row in datatable
row(“id”).ToString.Substring(0,1) = “D”
row(“Platform”) = “snapdeal”
Row(“Platform”) = “olx”

After for Each Row ends write out excel back to original sheet


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may i know to implement assign in my workflow?

may i know how to implement assign in my workflow?

how to implement assign bro?

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thanks bro

Use the assign activity

bro i tried but cant do it … cuz i cant understand where exactly output will store… so can u send me the workflow when u have some time

Valiadtion_based_2columns.xaml (8.5 KB)

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thank u so much bro for the workflow… but value for a required activity argument ‘values’ was not supplied. like this error shows bro.

like this bro

you have to create the var or argument

i just created for format , like that way you have to modify your self

sorry for asking too much bro… may i know where i have to create var bro… i think i have created a workflow like youself even added read range value op Dt in my for each but it stiill shows the error

send your workflow

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bro when i try to create a new workflow for you… it successfully ran… so much thanks bro… for your patience really thanks.

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