Hi there,

i want to create a barchart using uipath(i have used bala.reva)activity which is 3rd party

As shown in ss this is the path which i’m following,but not getting the desired output


now output:

@supermanPunch pls extent yr support

hi @mitul_choudhary,

Here is an activity that can create the barchart. Take a look.

Thank you

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this what i’m getting while opeing bar chat file

Update package in the manage and packages.

Thank you

it’s not present in packages,pls help

Check this.

Thanks,tried but not giving right result.

@supermanPunch any suggestions…??

@mitul_choudhary I do not think there is any better option to insert a Bar Chart in the Excel than how @balupad14 has done using his activities and there might be no other person capable of explaining the Balareva Excel activities in the best way possible than him. But can you tell us why is it not the Expected output :sweat_smile:. What is the expected output according to you ?

If you can show us the needed Output or show where you want the Bar Chart to be placed, then we may be able to help further.


Hi @mitul_choudhary,
Explain excel sheet with bar chart…
Thank you

Thanks for help,this is how i want the output in excel sheet
@supermanPunch @balupad14