BAPI_PR_CHANGE - Not working when PRITEMTEXT passed

Hi Experts ,

Once again i need your advice /suggestion on new issue.
Issue :-> BAPI_PR_CHANGE not working when passing PRITEMTEXT datatable in parameter list

I wanted to update ITEM TEXT and ITEM NOTE in given PR by passing values in PRITEMTEXT datatable as a parameter , and it is not updating PR and giving error:
Enter plant , enter quantity


This is a strange error related to Plant and quantity which i am passing in PRiTEM and PRITEMX datatables

However when i remove PRITEMTEXT parameter from BAPI_PR_CHANGE
i am able to update PR with other data like PREHADERTEXT, QTY, DELIV DATE etc. but same is not happening in passing PRITEMTEXT parameter

i have checked all mapping in PRITEMTEXT datatable , all looks good as shwon in below screenshot

Please help again


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Hey @pmexilinx

Is this the solution you are using or custom activity package?


I am using BAPI_PR_CHNAGE SAP activity , which is standard and i am passing all parameters in it

Plz check whether the parameter which you are passing to the argument is holding some values. maybe you can use Output datatable activity and print it in a message box and check.

If the value is there in the Datatbale variable and if you pass it to argument of same type, it should pass perfectly. I hope here in the initial Datatable itself data is not generated.

HI Rahul,
Thanks for response, i have debugged it and verified the datatable contained the values in it .

Ok…It means after passing to the arguments only few columns are visible? But you are able to see the entire columns in the Datatable variable which you are passing as parameter?

i have checked these are the columns for PRITEMTEXT table

can you please check if PREQ_NO is 10 characters, text ID is 4 characters
if length is less than 0 for PREQ_NO or less than 4 for TEXT_ID , you need to pad with zeroes
like this

variable.PadLeft(10, "0"c)
e.g. if variable = “Abcd” then variable.PadLeft(10, "0"c) will turn it into “000000Abcd”

because i have encountered problems where columns (especially IDs etc) need to be padded with zeroes if they are not the required length

Hi Jack

thanks to response!

yes i have verified everything that you mentioned above and all looks fine
still no progress with issue

Pratik Mehta

maybe go to function tester in SAP, and try out different values for PRITEMTEXT until it works / skip some values and see if it works