BAPI Functionality in UI Path

Hello @tiago,
sorry, I don’t know that. Maybe @loginerror can say that.
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Hi @tiago

I confirmed with the team that Studio 2018.3 is the lowest possible version compatible with the SAP BAPI functionality.

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Hi @StefanSchnell

Do you have any sample code about creating PO or Contract with BAPI?

Hi @dgregorys

I don’t think I have one on hand, but you can check out our new version of the BAPI package for a much more streamlined experience that will hopefully be more intuitive :slight_smile:
The latest version is the 2.0.0 :slight_smile:

It’s much more visually appealing than the previous version.

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nope, PO and contracts are not my field of expertise.
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On 2019.4.2 version I’m not able to install UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities package, since I cannot find that package.
Anyone, experiencing the same?

@loginerror, Is this not available anymore in 2019.4 version?

Hi @cidalia.correia

Yes, it should be available via our Official feed:

It seems to be missing on your list. This is the url:

See here on how to manage your package feeds:

The note is extra important for Enterprise edition:


Yes, that was the issue.
Thanks a lot!

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Hi expert, I am not able to install the SAP BAPI Activity Package
Even I installed the prerequisite software SAP Connectors and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)
And I select the given option as mentioned in the documents. Can you please help on this.
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Hello Pawel and Maciej,

I tried your actual SAP BAPI Automation Activities 2.1.0 and it was great :star_struck:

The new interface is much more better as the additional button in the ribbon from the version before, and the generation of necessary variables is absolut easy. To use SAP BAPIs is now so simple.

Bring my best thanks to your developer team, fantastic work. :+1::+1::+1:

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Dear Stefan,

I am trying to retrieve data from BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEFROMDATA.

Could you please post an example how to do this? I looked hard but did not really found any examples with the newer version of the BAPI activities and I am quite new on these grounds.

Thank you in advance for any help!


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Hello Balint,
welcome in the UiPath Community.

I don’t have an example for BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEFROMDATA, but here an example with BAPI_BUPA_ADDRESSES_GET. At first it is necessary to set an application scope, in this scope place the Invoke SAP BAPI activity. Configure the scope and test your connection. In the password property set (new System.Net.NetworkCredential(“”, “YourPassword”)).SecurePassword. Configure now your BAPI Remote Function Module (RFM).

Parallel you can call in your SAP system the transaction code BAPI.

Choose your BAPI and double click on the function module.

Press F8 to execute the BAPI RFM.

Set in the input fields your parameters, in my case I use only the BUSINESSPARTNER number. Press F8 again.

Now you see the results of the BAPI call in the export parameters the STANDARDADDRESSNUMBER and GUID and in the tables section different entries.

Now set in your BAPI configuration your variables.

The call of the BAPI from UiPath delivers the same results.

You see the same STANDARDADDRESSNUMBER in the variable ADDRNUM. And in the data table ADDR you can find the same entries as in the table ADDRESSES from the SAP RFM call.

If you need an entry from the data table you can use this…


…or an ForEach loop.

Hope this tiny instruction helps you to understand better how the SAP BAPI activity from UiPath works.

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I am developing an example with FM RFC_READ_TABLE. Everything is working fine but I am not able to handle the exceptions.

If I use exception type “System.Exception” is catching the error. The problem is that the information provided, it is not the exception from SAP.

I have also tried with these ones but unfortunataly it doesn’t stop there.

Is there any way to catch an exception coming from SAP with the message info?

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Hello Alejandro,
BAPIs and RFMs are different. It is not allowed to use exceptions in a BAPI interface. If an error occurs a BAPI offers the BAPIRET1 or BAPIRET2 structure in the return table. As far as I can see the exception message is written to the trace and a System.Exception is thrown, as you described. In my opinion it is not a valid way to call a RFM via an BAPI interface. Use NCo instead like I described here.
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Hi @StefanSchnell,

thanks very much for your fast reply. I will try your suggestion.
Anyway I am fitter in ABAP so I think I would create a RFM wrapper for the RFM and I will pass the exception as string parameter.

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Hello everyone, how are you?

I have executed the process for install de UiPath SAP BAPI Functionality, but I have the resolt as follows:

I think that I’m doing something wrong, can anyone help me?


Please follow the documentation

Best regards, Lev


Hello Experts,
how are you al?

Do UiPath have some academi for BAPI Functionality in UI Path or more instructions?


Hello Everyone,

I am unable to find SAP.BAPI.Activties package on Enterprise V 2019.1. Please help on how to get this package.

HI @Digendra_Singh

All packages are always available in Manage Packages

Choose any version you like.

I would recommend to use the latest one.

Best regards, Lev