BAPI Functionality in UI Path


Hello Alejandro,
BAPIs and RFMs are different. It is not allowed to use exceptions in a BAPI interface. If an error occurs a BAPI offers the BAPIRET1 or BAPIRET2 structure in the return table. As far as I can see the exception message is written to the trace and a System.Exception is thrown, as you described. In my opinion it is not a valid way to call a RFM via an BAPI interface. Use NCo instead like I described here.
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Hi @StefanSchnell,

thanks very much for your fast reply. I will try your suggestion.
Anyway I am fitter in ABAP so I think I would create a RFM wrapper for the RFM and I will pass the exception as string parameter.

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Hello everyone, how are you?

I have executed the process for install de UiPath SAP BAPI Functionality, but I have the resolt as follows:

I think that I’m doing something wrong, can anyone help me?


Please follow the documentation

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how are you al?

Do UiPath have some academi for BAPI Functionality in UI Path or more instructions?


Hello Everyone,

I am unable to find SAP.BAPI.Activties package on Enterprise V 2019.1. Please help on how to get this package.

HI @Digendra_Singh

All packages are always available in Manage Packages

Choose any version you like.

I would recommend to use the latest one.

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Hi LevKushnir,

I want to know the link where I can download package directly instead of using Manage package option.

I gave you the official way to get the package


Could you please send me this sample workflow. I am getting object reference error while executing this workflow with all necessary details. I am using 2.2 BAPI activity

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Deepika Y


Hello Deepika,
here the sequence.xaml, I tried it with 2.2.1 BAPI activity and it works without any problems.

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Sequence.xaml (20.4 KB)


Hi. I remember how much I struggled with BAPIs when I first started. I used the one for goods receipt posting and I created a step-by-step tutorial about it, with all prerequisites on both UiPath and SAP side, implementation steps and some of the encountered issues and errors - hope it helps:


hi @gabi_verzea

Amazing guide! Easy to use, easy to understand! Cool stuff!

Thanks for your effort

Best regards, Lev

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thx a lot ! hope it would help as many people as possible, that struggle with this topic


Hello Stefan,

I’m using uipath:

but i can’t find the package: UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities,


go here

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thanks, i was disconnected from orchestrtor that’s whay,

Now i had one question i had never worked with SAP BAPI, is there a gain of time compared to the classic SAP one?

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hi @abdel

  1. See more in post 46 above. This was done by @gabi_verzea and shows the full journey from Zero to the automation
  1. additionally check this video, where UiPath Accelerators for SAP are used to speed up the implementation
    UiPath SAP Accelerators - BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE | SAP S/4HANA - YouTube

  2. Learn more in the full webinar UiPath Accelerators for SAP :
    UiPath Webinar


Hello Guys,

waht i had understoud in the SAP BAPI uipath developpement flow,
1-Create an xaml which contain a transaction: Question: how are the arguments get (extract theme from SAP??) and mapped ? if i want to develop this on my own envirement what will be: application Server, System Number, Client, User, Passeword ?
2-invoke the xaml.

3-at the begining we connec with SAP BAPI, at the end we diconnect.

@abdel check the video from Gabriel above, he is showing the whole BAPI dev flow from Zero

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