BalaReva not in marketplace when converting from Windows-Legacy

I have a project that is windows-legacy and uses BalaReva. When I transformed it to “Windows” BelaReva is listed missing and when I go into manage it is not found anywhere.

This is 2022.10.1



Windows manage:

Most of packages works for both frameworks, but BalaReva package is compatible only with ‘Windows - Legacy’ and you cant download that package in ‘windows’ projects (different .net frameworks :frowning: ). We have to wait until BalaReva will migrate packages to .net6 (‘windows’ compatibility), but I have no idea if this is in the plans. Until then this package will work only in ‘windows - legacy’

Thanks @Konrad_Mierzwa

Unfortunately UiPath is phasing out Windows-Legacy. The newest version 2022.10.1 states that it is phasing out windows-legacy and asks you to upgrade to “windows”. When this fully happens if it is not upgraded, anyone using it (like me) will either be stuck unsupported or have to determine how to create the package themselves.

Hope someone is able to upgrade them before then.

Thanks again!

Hi @mattkimery,

I see many will face this uncomfortable truth. We just have to wait for authors to update their libraries to newer .net versions. There is much work pending for both the authors and people who have used packages from UiPath Marketplace. Such transitions are always a little problematic.

A similar question was just asked now by @Dilara_Cin : 2022.10 release manage package (BalaReva)

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