Hi Friends,

I have included a new activity in this package is called “Remove Duplicates” .




Sample File : (7.7 KB)

Let me if you have any error.
I would be happy to get more suggestions.

Note :
Special thanks to @varunk

Thank you

「Remove Duplicate Rows」アクティビティについて
Remove duplicates in an excel file
To remove duplicates in excel
Remove duplicates in excel
How to remove duplicate from excel

Hi @Bala,

Actually here we need to provide the range
For example now we know the certain range , but after development if the range exceeds then it will fail.
for this you have any solution


Hi @varunk,

The range property is a dynamic string . If you come to know that the range exceeding.Assign the range in a variable .And you can assign it to the Cell Range Property.


Hi, I tried the Hyperlink Remove. The process run with no error but hyperlinks stay. Could you help me, thanks a lot


Hi @tranthao240495,

For me it is working well. Can you attach the XL to do the test.



Hi, When i am trying to create chart through this, getting error

Whereas my excel file is not read only


Hi @Aastha_Verma,

Can you please attach the XL Sheet to test at my side.



Task2.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Here is the attached sheet


All other activities am able to perform , but not able to create chart


I saw the XL I didn’t understand what you are trying. Can you please attach the xmal.




I found a small problem, can you help solve it?
When “Get Sheets Name” is used in the loop, the output of “sheet name” is wrong…


There is only one page in these xls file,but this activity will accumulate output.



Hi @balupad14,

I want to use Rename work sheet activity in for loop of excel files. I want to rename sheet of each excel file with the name of excel. But when i am using it without for each it is working for single excel file. Using For each activity its not working and not even giving an error or exception. Please help me if you can. Thanks!


Hi @Paresh,

Apologies for the delay reply. Can you please share the error screen shot.



I want to know whether if this package is removed from Uipath packages then our work flow will not be executed right,as this package is not created or authorized by Uipath Team.Can you please confirm on this


Hi @ndivya,

Thank you . Still now it is in the UiPath Gallery.I hope, UiPath will not remove this package from UiPath Gallery.Because it reached more 22,000 downloads. It is an alternative package place is called UiPath Go. I have submitted my package too. You can expect the very soon in UiPath Go. It is authorized by UiPath. I am also expected the opinion form @loginerror and @ovi .

To know more about the UiPath Go. Please take look this.

Thank you


Thanks for your reply.Suppose i have used this package now in my work flow and in future if Uipath has added it in their library,Then whether should i go to my workflow and update it to latest added library or whether my workflow still works with this old package which is not yet added to Uiapth package list.