Balareva.Easy.Excel.Activity issue

Hi there,

I’m currently working on saving data of several outlook excel files in a final one.

I used the Balareva.Easy.Excel.Activity to do so.

I encounter a “problem” with the copy to clipboard activity :


It copies also the column name but I don’t want that.

if i have 50 excel files the final excel will have all data + 50 rows of column name.

I tried to change the variable “cell range” but can’t figure out how to start copying from the second row and take all data behind.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

hi @Alexandre_BARRERE

Could you explain your process a bit clearly ?!!

In my point of you, On the first step you have many excel files ?! and you need to have all those excel files to be merged in one excel file ?! Is that right ? is that what you are trying to do ?!