BalaReva DataTable Activities


One of the processes that I built relied on the aggregate function in the activity below. But it said it is unlisted now, and I feel that custom package is unreliable when the owner can just take it out.Thoughts?

Buddy may i know what kind of aggregate function you are looking for?
Cheers @lavint


Can you please check this link for your query. This might solve your problem.


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Hi Iavint,
“The owner has unlisted this package…” is very missleading… it can also mean it was unlisted by uipath because they are moving to UiPath Go/Connect and the developer or UiPath did not publish it yet on UiPath Go/Connect.

I currently have the same problem with activities i have developed - i’m currently waiting until UiPath approved which takes a while…

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Hello guys.

I have published the datatable related activities in the UiPath Go. You can get it here.


Good day, Bala! You did fantastic work with your custom activities. I read all the threads in BalaReva.Excel.Activities - #2 by balupad14

I am new to using your excel activities. Had tried some things & encountered issues. Thanks for your patience, I seek help for the line chart (refer attached excel) :

  1. Refer tab ‘Sheet1’, why does Y- axis becomes ‘%’? The goal is to have X- axis with the dates, Y-axis with the score (not %)
    data.xlsx (2.7 MB)

  2. There will be a new column added everyday (so this is daily score report). When new excel file (with same file name) overrides the old one on daily basis, how do we ensure new column is captured when we run the xaml?

  3. How do we move the line chart to a new tab/sheet in the same file? Noted you have another custom activities called ‘CreateWorkbook.xaml’. So invoke this as a sequence to ‘LineChart.xaml’?

  4. Same question like 3, how do we move the line chart to ppt?Noted you have another custom activities called ‘PieChart.xaml’. So invoke this as a sequence to ‘LineChart.xaml’?

Thank you!

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@balupad14 Hello Bala! If possible, kindly advise - thanks so much!