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I’ve completed all the 3 levels (Foundation, Orchestrator and Advanced) in Academy but my badges have not been updated yet. I’ve requested to join the groups through these links already:

@loginerror @badita could you please help?


Please use the following links to Request to Join Groups: if you have completed the Foundation training in Academy: Uipath academy - beginner - UiPath Community Forum if you have completed the Orchestrator training: Uipath academy - intermediate - UiPath Community Forum if you have completed the Advanced training: Uipath academy - advanced - UiPath Community Forum If your Forum email is the same as the Academy email, simply submit the request.

Wait for a day or 2 to get your badge.

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As mentioned above, I requested to join the group 10 days ago, but haven’t been added yet.

Are both the email id’s same ?? if not mention the email id with which you have taken the training and submit again.

Yes the id’s are same :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this will currently not work. With the Academy changes we are still waiting for this integration to be brought back.

In fact, thanks to UiPath SSO, it will be better and you will be granted the group access automatically.

But we will still have to wait a bit, sorry for that :slight_smile:

@loginerror oh! I thought so, but thanks for the information :slight_smile:

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