Badge details not coming up correctly in forum

I have completed RPA adv developer traiming as well as certification . The badge in forum does not reflect though. Please help how to update the forum badge and profile.


I guess there are rewamp courses along with them as every year new release comes courses are updated.


Hi @ArunVelaayudhanG

The badges in the academy and the certification platform does not actually reflect in the forum since those are separate platforms and is not in sync with each other. In order to get the badges for completing the academy courses, you will have to request to join foundation, orchestrator and advanced groups in the forum…

Checkout the link below to join the groups

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Thanks for the reply. I have requested separately for each group. But shouldn’t it be linked? i don’t think its something hard to do the interlinking?between forum and certification/academy!

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This is already done on the UiPath Connect plataform :slight_smile:

Register with the same email and Check it out:



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