'Bad Request Range' on pushing data from multiple excels into a single Queue

I am trying to build a project wherein, I have to send the reports of the stock market to different clients. The company’s whose stock price they want are stored in different excel, for example, client1’s requirements are in excel 1 and client2’s requirements are in excel 2 and so on. I am collecting stock market data from Moneycontrol.com .

  • I have to create a queue to push the stock report data.
  • Read all excel one by one, fill the data corresponding to company names in excel.
  • Send mail to all clients with their excels attached.

In this process, when I try to push the excel items into Queue, it shows an error,‘Bad Request range’.Not sure If I am missing something.

Can Someone help me to sort it out.Add_to_Queue.xaml (8.4 KB)


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Check below

Use the options and try

Hope this may helps you


Thanks for the reply.

It works fine if added as individual items(Add Queue item) rather than(Bulk Add Queue Items).

Add_to_Queue.xaml (11.6 KB)

But, not sure why Bulk action is not supported here.Is it because of the huge data?