Backup Orchestrator queue

I have designed a dispatcher process, and I am satisfied by it, even if it takes about 10 minutes to run.
Now I need a performer process, which will use the queue produced by it. But every time I try to debug, it affects the queue. I would like the queue to keep the same initial state at every debug run.
There should be a way to save and load the content of the queue.
I see that in Orchestrator you can “Upload Items” to a queue by providing a CSV file.

Is there a way to produce such CSV from the current content of a queue?
Or, is there some other way to save/load (maybe also clear/display) the content of a queue?

Hi, I am giving the below explanation which generally all developers or organisations follows in your scenario

You need to create a Boolean variable (if you are using orchestrator try set it ad asset) with name ‘DebugMode’
So whenever you are debugging the code , you can switch the default value from true to false for this variable

So wherever you created the code of load queue items
You need to write the if condition
Debugmode = false
Then run the load queue

I don’t understand what you mean by “run the load queue”

I mean the dispatcher code