BackOffice Robot activity in community edition

Hi, I read in the UIPath website, that UIpath provide backoffice robot which we don’t need to turn on the computer and run in the background process. I have installed the UIPath community and tried using UIPath. However, I saw almost all the function inside are used to UI Automation which need to use mouse or keyboard or using the screen, which is referred to Frontoffice robot?
Can anyone tell me the example on backoffice robot? and how to do it in UIPath community edition?

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Hi @Raspi_Erwin,

Back Office - A center in which the administrative work of a business is carried out, here the support personnel are not client facing.

I think, a computer needs to be Turned On for carrying out any kind of automation.


Hi Prassin, can you give me example on backoffice robot?

Hi @Raspi_Erwin,

One of the example is :slight_smile:

1.> Lets say there is a Company where the managers raise the “New Joiner Requests” on a Remedy Portal.

2.> The request is all about whether the new employee who will be joining the company would need a Hardware like (Desk Phone , Laptop, Desktop,Docking Station ) or Not.

3.> So such request would come to a L1 IT Support Team and based on whether the Hardware is required or not, they will either assign it to Hardware Aloocation TEam or resolve the ticket stating " New Employee does not need a Hardware".

Note :slight_smile: Here , such tasks dont require the support agents to communicate with client, rather they will have tickets and they just process it based on underlined agreed process.

4.> So rather than Human doing such job, we can create a backoffice robot which will pick these tickets from remedy portal and read the Issue description Section and make decision if a Hardware is required by new emp or not.

5.> If it is req, - assign to relevant Hardware Team, who wud issue h/w to user.

5.> If no h.w req - then resolve the ticket.

Hope that is helpfull mate.

Prashant Singh

Hello there,
UiPath - Front Office vs Back Office Robot.pdf (89.0 KB)
For the more.

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