Background tasks permission

When editing/creating roles in the Orchestrator, there is the possibility to assign permissions for “Background tasks” under tenant permissions. I have searched for any documentation describing what effect these permissions have but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know what these permission are for?

Hi @SK1!

Based on these two docs below (Search for ‘Background Tasks’ in each page):

I assume the Background Tasks envolve the ability to call the Orchestrator API, that can be refered here:

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Well, I have tested it by removing the “Background tasks” permission from all roles and was still able to call the Orchestrator API. So it does not regulate general access to the API. Maybe it regulates specific endpoints of the API? Hopefully someone with deeper understandig of the API can shed some light on this question.

The Administrator role has all the permissions blocked, did you made sure you were not in this role?

Yes, I’m not an Administrator.