Background mode and page loading in Chrome

I use studio X and I have put the background mode for steps in the Chrome apps.
All my steps work perfectly without the background mode and without the simulate property for the click steps inside.
When I launch my robot with the background mode, for the first click it works (input mode = simulate for this click), and for the second one (input mode = simulate for this click too), the robot doesn’t find the button. When I go back on the webpage to see what is the issue, the page immediately loads.
It’s like the page was waiting for I manually go back on the web page to start the loading of the web page.

What would be the solution to force the loading of the page, even with the background mode and simulate mode ?

It would save me !

Hi! @Florian_T ,

Have you tried Anchor base with the find element activity. if not try to use this. even if it is simulate this will work.


Thank you for your reply !
You mean to add an anchor ? There is already one anchore with the target button.

I really have the impression uipath can’t detect the button because the page doesn’t load at all. The page automatically loads when I manually go back on the page (after stopping the run).