Background Execution in Input Method


  1. Background execution in UiPath refers to running processes without active UI interaction.
  2. It’s suitable for tasks not requiring UI elements or when UI is minimized/unavailable.
  3. UI Automation activities like Click and Type Into interact with visible UI elements.
  4. These activities may not function correctly when UI elements aren’t visible or interactable.
  5. However, some activities like Type Into can work on minimized windows if allowed by the app.
  6. Default input method in UiPath is Hardware for reliable interaction with applications.
  7. Simulate input method is faster but may not work well with all applications.
  8. It’s suggested when hardware events are restricted or for faster execution.
  9. Adjustment of input method depends on the application’s response and automation requirements.
  10. Background execution prioritizes non-UI-related actions for seamless automation.

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