Background Automation in UiPath 2018

I am trying to perform click event on a button of a web application.
its working as expected while screen is ON.
But as soon as I lock my computer screen. It throws Exception.
Below is the my click activity property.
UI Path Version 2018.4.1


is there any solution for this?

Thank You!!!

Put click activity inside attach browser and select stimulate click or send window message in click activity.

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Try with selecting simulate click…

Hi Divyashreem,

As suggested I tried with selecting Simulate click… but Still not working.

Hi Palindrome,

Tried same but no luck :frowning:

Can you be more specific as to the error you are receiving and/or how you are running the job? The Exception message or how you are running the job might help identify what the issue really is.

Hi Clayton,

Below error I am getting while running my work flow after lock my windows screen:


Ok, Timeout reached usually means that the element could not be clicked because it wasn’t on the screen or a popup message was in the way of clicking it. What you should do is place a Take Screenshot + Save Image action before the Click, and see what the screen looks like before it errors.

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