Background automation does not work for an application

Hi All,
I am automating an application which is entirely IE based and has got certain pop ups and Right Clicks at regular intervals. I have removed Simulate Click whereever Bot has to Right click. However when I run the Bot and lock my screen the Bot fails. I am using Find element before certain Clicks since the application takes some time to load. Also the application runs in Amazon Work Spaces. any idea why my Bot fails in background automation ?

Any help would be much appreciated ! Thanks

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actually we need to enable them buddy, i.e. enable SIMULATE click property
Cheers @Shailesh123

@Palaniyappan- Thanks for the quick response. I tried using Simulate Click for right clicks but still it doesnt work . I am using Find Element , does that work in the background?

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use element exists

Fine make sure that the application is maximized to the whole screen only then the bot will be able to find the element and for that use MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity as the first activity inside the loop wherever a application is opened
–and i would suggest to use ELEMENT exists activity and get the output with a variable of type boolean and validate with a IF condition like this booleanvariable = True
if True it will go to THEN part where we can continue with out process if the element exists or to the ELSE part where we can use our process when the element is not there

–make sure that the element is chosen correctly with valid selectors and it is available as well and set the property in element exists with Target.WaitForReady as Complete

so kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Shailesh123

Hi @Palaniyappan - I am running my Bot from Orchestrator. However my Bot is developed in Community edition . Do you think it could be because I have provisioned my Bot under Development category but not as Unattended and because of this my Bot is failing in unattended run ?


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Hmmm no
Development bot will have all the features of unattended bot as well so that won’t be an issue
Did MAXIMIZE window activity helped out
Or try with element exists instead of find element

Cheers @Shailesh123

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I havent tried maximise window . Let me try that . :slight_smile:

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Cheers @Shailesh123

I have the same question: “Does “Find Element” work in the background ?”
According to me, it does not seem to but what other alternative do we have then ?

you also have an element exists option.:slight_smile: @UrsulaLJD

can we use the simulate click for the Right click? I faced error on that. Could you please advice me?