Back Office Robot



Hi All,

Since we are using Mainframe terminals in UIPath. Presently, it’s working as a front end application when its executed.

Our requirement is Eyeshare as an orchestrator and it will call UIPath. Whenever UIPath triggers from Eyeshare, it should run as a Back office Robot instead of running in front end application.

Please advise us on this.



Hi rajeshkrishnan83,

We don’t provide integration with Eyeshare directly, however you can write scripts to start and stop the robots using UiPath Orchestrator API.

You can use Eyeshare alongside with Orchestator, not as an orchestrator. Given the fact that attended(front-office) robots cannot be triggered from Orchestrator, when you trigger from Eyeshare using Orchestrator API scripts it would run as an unattended(back-office) Robot.