Back Office connection to Orchestrator problem


I’m trying to connect A Back Office Robot to the orchestrator and in the robot settings I put all the parameters but when I click OK the message “The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure” appears.

How I can fix this problem?

As the Machine name in the orchestrator configuration the name that appears is the robot server, but the orchestrator is installed in another server. Could be the reason of the error? However I can’t change this Machine name…

The version of the orchestrator is: 2016.2.6232
The version of the robot is: 2016.2.6232

Thanks for your response.

The error message tells you exactly what the problem is. You need to export the certificate from the server and install the certificate on the machine you are trying to access Orchestrator on.

There are full instructions on how to do this is if you are able to access Enterprise docs. Alternatively try searching for certificate installation information on this forum.




No need to be sorry. We all get stuck :slight_smile: