B>=A Compare column value

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I have excel and i want B>=A then create excel and put the data in excel

What is 82:35

These are not valid times, what is the data type that you are referring to herein.

Hi @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana

You can loop through the datatable.

Expecting that the values are in correct format you write something like


This would work for you.
For Linq

filteredRecords= dtDetails.asEnumerable.Where(function (x) Timespan.Parse(x(1).ToString)>=Timespan.Parse(x(0).toString)).CopyToDataTable


Happy Automation!

lets assume hours:minutes

we can parse it within a Timespan and then doing the compare

myTS1 = new TimeSpan(CInt(arrValues(0)), Cint(arrValues(1)),0)

Condition: myTS2 >= myTs1

We are forced to do this split as Timespan parse end on 23:59

@ppr -This is minute and second

so we can do:
myTS1 = new TimeSpan(0, CInt(arrValues(0)), Cint(arrValues(1)))

Read Range into a datatable then use the Filter Datatable activity to keep the rows you want. Then Write Range back to a new Excel file.