AzureVM Unattended bot error : Unable to retrieve a license Use Interactive login

We are trying to setup unattended bot with modern folder to connect robot with Azure VM Machine but facing error as Unable to retrieve a license Use Interactive login.


Hi @zoyebmansuri

If you are encountering the error “Unable to retrieve a license. Use Interactive login” when using an Azure VM Unattended bot in UiPath, it is likely that the bot’s credentials are not valid or are not configured correctly.

To fix this error, you will need to ensure that the bot’s credentials are valid and properly configured. Here are some steps you can try:

  1. Verify that the bot’s username and password are correct and are entered correctly in the bot’s configuration.
  2. If the bot’s credentials are correct and are entered correctly, try resetting the bot’s password in Azure Active Directory to see if that resolves the issue.
  3. If resetting the bot’s password does not help, try creating a new bot in Azure and configuring it with the same credentials as the original bot. This will ensure that the bot’s credentials are valid and are properly configured.
  4. If the error persists, try contacting Azure support or UiPath support for further assistance.

Hey Zoyeb,

The likely reason here is you haven’t configured the unattended troubleshooting session - it’s fairly new, think it was introducted in 2022.4 or .10.

Navigate to Tenants > Monitoring > Unattended Sessions, then click the three dots next to the relevant bot hostname and configure troubleshooting session.

You may need to close/reopen Assistant for it to work.

Your other option is to sign in using your developer credentials and then it’ll enable debugging.

This being said, all functions still work from Orchestrator using it as unattended, despite Assistant leading you to believe it’s not working. I think the error messages here could be improved slightly on UiPath’s side to explain this better.


Hi @zoyebmansuri

With the latest version of orchestrator cloud the licensing model enforcing us to do interactive sign in to connect assistant to orchestrator.

You need to create user as administrator in your orchestrator and try to sign in the assistant to orchestrator so your assistant will get capability to consume the unattended license from the orchestrator.