Azure PaaS Orchestrator Is Failing To Load HTTP 500.30 Start-Up Errors Issue

What procedure should be performed when development Orchestrator goes down during the Microsoft patching?

The below practise is recommended to all the clients having the 2 app services into the same App Service Plan:

  • The Identity and Orchestrator app services are communicating continuously and should share the same platform behind the scenes. Whenever Microsoft is doing the patching, the app services are going to be included in the same update domains which are not gonna cause any downtime and will not require a restart of the app services;
  • If the app services are in different service plans, after the patching, one of the 2, depending on which one was updated, is going to be unreachable for the other application and the entire platform is going to see the entire application as down.

Ensure that the app services are included within the same AppServicePlan, like in the example below