Azure Orchestrator Upgrade From Orchestrator 2019-10 Fails - No Configuration File Was Found

How to resolve Azure Orchestrator Upgrade from Orchestrator 2019-10 fails when no configuration file is found?

Issue Description: When running the Publish-Orchestrator.ps1 script, an exception occurs due to no configuration file being found in any of the three locations that the script checks for.

Root Cause: FTP state must be set to All Allowed in the Azure Orchestrator App Service Configurations or changes to the configuration file paths must be made in the Publish-Orchestrator.ps1 .

Solution: In the Azure Orchestrator App Service, navigate to the Configuration -> General Settings and ensure that the FTP state is set to All Allowed. This is necessary during the upgrade but can be changed back after the upgrade has been completed.

If the issue still persists, open a case with UiPath Support team.