Azure Isolated WebApp Deployment | Error in PowerShell Script


I want to deploy Orchestrator into a Isolated WebApp. My Cloud Team give me the entire PROD + NON PROD environment on Azure but when I launch the script, I have an error with the deployment slot.

Here is my script :

.\Publish-Orchestrator.ps1 `

-action “Deploy” `

-package “Path-to-Package” `

-stopApplicationBeforePublish `

-azureSubscriptionId “Sub-ID” `

-azureAccountTenantId “Tenant-ID” `

-resourceGroupName “Ressource-Group-Name” `

-appServiceName “App-Service-Name” `

-hostAdminPassword “Password” `

-defaultTenantAdminPassword “Passwordt” `

-nugetRepositoryType “Composite” `

-storageType “Azure” `


Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hi @Kiroha,
Please check this documentation: