Azure Devops CICD Pipeline UiPath Deploy Task Is Failing For Authorization Or Authentication With Basic Authentication

Resolution when it is not possible to run task UiPath Deploy from Azure Devops and failed with error "you are not authorized" or "you are not authenticated".

  1. If using the cloud Azure devops(ADO) then make sure the Orchestrator URL is public to make it compatible for CICD pipeline to work
  2. The service pool connection in ADO should be configured with correct user which is having the correct role for authentication. Below roles are atleast required for that service pool user in Orchestrator to run the UiPath deploy task in ADO release pipeline.
  1. If using the on-prem Orchestrator then validate the thumbprint value in appsettings.production.json file in identity folder
  2. If using Azure Orchestrator then validate the thumbprint available in Azure certificate should be correctly mapped in below application settings in identity appservice,
    1. AppSettings__SigningCredentialSettings__StoreLocation__Name
  3. Make sure the user used in service pool connection in ADO should have access to Orchestrator folder where trying to deploy the process.

Also, refer to UiPath Blogpost - How To Implement CICD Pipeline Using Azure Devops Pipelines? .