Azure Cognitive service

I want to connect with Microsoft azure read api 3.0 ( latest) . in order to understand hand written from. Just wanted to know how do i check the version of api in packages. is there any better way to connect it.
I have checked my form in Azure and it is perfectly working fine with read api 3.0 . But when i compare the same result with UIPath Computer vision it is different. output is more accurate in read api 3.0 .


Which activity did you try MicrosoftAzureComputerVisionOCR activity (in UiPath UiAutomation activities package) or Read Handwritten Text activity in UiPath.Microsoft.Vision activities package?

If former, can you try latter?


Does it integrated with read api v3.0, Here are the requirements

  1. Form contains normal text and handwritten text
  2. there are checkbox which is ticked as (x) or (V - right symbol)

I also check the with latter approach however checkbox information is completely skipped. I have used text as output

Any updates on these ?