Azure blob storage vs Azure files

Hi, I am searching for information about Azure files from UiPath perspective and I want to ask if is big difference between how I can connect to Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files ? It looks like is easier to find information for Azure Blob Storage rather than Azure Files so that’s why I asked this question, because I am not sure if the connect process is the same for both services.

Key Differences in Connection Process:

  • API and Protocol: Azure Blob Storage uses the Blob service REST API, while Azure Files can be accessed through the File service REST API or SMB protocol.
  • UiPath Activities: UiPath’s direct support for Azure Blob Storage through dedicated activities simplifies operations like uploading and downloading blobs. For Azure Files, the approach might involve more generic HTTP requests if using the REST API, or standard file operations on a mounted drive if accessing it via SMB.
  • Authentication: Both services support access keys and shared access signatures (SAS), but the implementation details can vary. For Azure Files, when using SMB, you might also rely on Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication for a more integrated security model.
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