Azure AD Services - cannot accept invite when email is different from user id

Corporate setup
Our three on-premise Active Directory domains (one for development, one for test and one for production) are synced to three separate tenants (Azure AD Services).

My user id in Azure AD Services is something like - depending on the synced domain:


I can successfully sign-up with my using the Microsoft identity provider (Azure AD Services).

I cannot invite any of my colleagues as the cloud platform does not differentiate between the email address and actual user id - we only have Full Name and Email Address.

  1. email is something like

Make it possible for me to get copy the invitation link (matching 3 above) and send it myself to my colleagues (matching 4 above).


Hi @Jan_Sandquist,
What about using sAMAccountName (pre-2000) and then combining it to e-mail?
For example would be dev-domain\user1 and based on that you could have e-mail