Azure Activities now in Public Preview

We’ve tested internally in UiPath with:

  • Reader and Data Access (download & upload) - it worked fine.
  • Storage Account Contributor (download & upload) - it worked fine.

Maybe it is something else in your environment.

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Would it be possible to get a Delete Secret keyvault activity?

Hi @nkuik. I will add this to the backlog for the next version of Azure package (most probably it will be after we release the AWS activities package).

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Great! Thanks for getting back so quickly.


What are the chances that we can have the option to access blob files from storage accounts using the storage account keys rather than a Service Principal?

Hi @nkuik We are aiming to extend the Azure pack with new activities (February-March 2020).
We will take this into consideration.

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@nkuik please check Azure v1.1.0 version, it includes 20+ new activities. In addition, now it is possible to use Blob Container and Blobs outside Azure Scope activity. See a short description in section Using activities outside Azure Scope (starting with UiPath.Azure.Activities v1.1.0!) above.

Hi all,

I am trying to upload a local CSV fiile to azure blob storage using AzureUploadBlobFromFile activity, when I try to enter the Blob container field it throws a sintax error, I am assuming that this field is made to enter the blob URL, in my case: “”. I am entering as is in semicolon, is there any error you can see. thanks in advance.

Hi @Santiago_Gomez You must provide a BlobContainer object, for example the output of the activity Get Blob Container. Look at the sample UiPath Studio project in section Secure Cloud Storage for Accounting Reports in this forum post.