AWS server instance

on the aws server instance, if we create 4 user profiles, is it possible to install 4 copies of UI path?

Though haven’t tried
I have seen my infra team working on this
it is possible to install 4 copies of UiPath on an AWS server instance with 4 user profiles. Each user profile will have its own copy of UiPath installed.

  1. Create 4 user profiles on the AWS server instance.
  2. Connect to each user profile using a remote desktop connection.
  3. On each user profile, download and install UiPath.
  4. Configure UiPath on each user profile.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have 4 copies of UiPath installed on the AWS server instance, one for each user profile.

Document reference
Field Notes: Deploying UiPath RPA Software on AWS | AWS Architecture Blog

Give a try
If u r facing any challenges let us know

Cheers @Kiran_Govvala

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Any further clarification @Kiran_Govvala
If clarified
Would recommend to close this topic

If not still open for discussion

Thank you. I’ll try this

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is it also work for community edition

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