AWS S3 Bucket_Access issue

I tried to access the S3 bucket,but getting error, that bucket is not accessible.
Please find the below screenshot.

Hello, Would you like to check if you have access to the S3 Bucket on the IAM role?

There are articles from people who have the same issue as you.

If you are interested in learning about AWS settings or IAM, please refer to the Docs below (two hyperlinks in the first paragraph).

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Hi ,

I have checked the required IAM role permission which already provided. even when i am trying to connect using postman that time it is working perfectly.
my senior suggest due to some proxy settings might be you faced problem.but I have already set the proxy in proxy.config file in side the uipath.

but still issue is not resolve.

Hello fellows, can you also help me with my issue?

are you able to resolve this issue? and if yes then how? Your help will be appreciated

@Yogesh - This topic is 2 years old without a resolution to the original issue. I recommend opening a new topic specific to yourself with the relevant context and details for the community to help you.