AWS ElasticCache Settings

What are the required settings for AWS ElasticCache?

AWS ElastiCache

Create your Amazon ElastiCache cluster

Cluster engine: Keep the default selection, Redis

·       Do not select “Cluster Mode Enabled”


Redis settings

Name: Enter a name for your cluster

There is a 40-character limit when naming your cluster. Alpha-numeric characters and hyphens only. The Name must start with a letter and cannot end with a hyphen. The name may not contain two consecutive hyphens.

Description: Any description for your cluster, such as “UiPath Redis Cluster”

Engine Version Compatibility: We recommend the latest version of Redis

Certain Redis functionality, such as Encryption requires versions 4.0 or newer.

Port: 6379

The port number can be changed if desired.

Parameter Group: default

Node Type: Redislabs recommends 15GB of memory in Production

Redis Requirements

Number of Replicas: We recommend a minimum of 2 replicas in Production Environments

Feel free to use 0 for a Dev environment or for a Test/POC deployment.


Advanced Redis settings

Multi-AZ with Auto-Failover: For High Availability of the Redis Nodes

This option is only listed if you have 2 or more nodes.

Subnet Group: If you are using AWS for Orchestrator, select your subnet group of the rest of your deployment. Otherwise “Not in VPC” or Creating a new VPC are both viable options.

Preferred Availability Zones: Either select zones manually or allow AWS to automatically spread your deployment through availability zones by selecting “No Preference”



Security Groups: AWS Security Groups can be selected here as per company protocols and standards

Encryption at-rest: This option is currently being tested, enabling it may cause problems with the Orchestrator.

Encryption in-transit: This option enables encryption of data on-the-wire.

·       Requires Redis version 3.2.6 or all versions since 4.0.


Import data to cluster

·       Data does not currently need to be imported to AWS ElastiCache.


·       Automatic backups are not required for an HA Setup of Redis for Orchestrator.


·       No preference, or select a window based on internal policies.